Jones International Manpower Services Inc. (JIMSI) is a fully licensed manpower recruitment agency with License No. 028-LB-012903-R granted by Philippines Overseas Employment Administration. We are now ou 14th of exeistence, continuously and religiously doing Overseas Employment Services to various employers, principals worldwide, the South America, Middle East and its Gulf States, Asia Pacific rein, and the United States.

JIMSI is always a Customer Services based Company that is devoted to assisting our clients finding the right candidates for their company, providing quality services, satisfactory guarantee prompt response, meeting all request from our customers in catering to the staffing needs in supplying all kinds of Specification in all branches of Engineeering, Medical & Health Care, Information Technology Construction, Oil and Gas Petrochemicals, Hotel & Catering, Janitorial, household workers and many more categories.

Services offered the following:

  • Sourcing of qualified applicant either from our manpower data bank, direct source or through advertisement.
  • Screen, interview and qualification verification of applicants.
  • Applicants resume submission for evaluation by the clients.
  • Arrange final interviews for the employers representative in the Philippines.
  • Submit selected applicants for medical examination.
  • Preparation of documents as required by respective countries and destination.
  • All workers are sent to Pre-Departure oOrientation Seminar for deployment.
  • Arrange flight booking of applicants for the employer if so requires.
  • Keep the employer informed and updated on the development throughout the entire seleection or hiring process until all selected workers are mobilized.
  • Preparation of facilities for telephone or video conference interview with applicant, if employer so requires.